The sky disk of Nebra (Germany) dated to 1600 BC is the first scientific confirmed depiction of the annual solstice rhythmic.

It shows the moon about 4 days after new moon when it was located next to the Pleiades at this period of time. This day was important to find the correct time for bringing out the seeds on the fields.

Besides all the scientific details you can find on Wikipedia about the Nebra sky disk there is one aspect I would like to point out connected to the tradition of cosmic music.

I agree with the thoughts of the visionary Jens Zygar who had the idea to tune symphonic gongs to planet tones, about the related ceremonies to this annual cosmic events. The clear awareness of celebrating a cosmic event with rituals combined with music and dance can be seen as the first confirmed cosmic rhythmic interpretations in form of music.

To me as a Gong Master the visual impression of the disk already makes me wonder how this bronze disk of a 30 cm diameter would sound :)

This story is just perfect in time with the first of the twelve mystical days starting from 22nd of December. By Pagan traditional believes each of this days is pointing to one month of the following year. They believed in the mystical days as omen days for the year to come. The ghosts, wolves and the cold are getting driven out of the villages by rituals with terrifying masks, costumes and noises.

Today these traditions are still alive in many areas, like in Bavaria where i was born. Growing up men are running through this so called ‘rough nights’ armed with sticks and cow bells and scaring away the ghosts of the darkness.

On the 21st of December we celebrated the last sunset of this SUN cycle with a perfect timed weekly Sunset Gong Meditation at Orion Healing Center Koh Phangan directly located at the beach and Jens Zygar was playing at the Museum of Ethnology in Hamburg, a relevant geomantic lay line junction. We are both playing the first ever cosmic tuned symphonic gongs handcrafted by Paiste about 40 years ago and also synchronized with the Global Meditation Day, was the absolute perfect synchronicity and start into the mystical 12 nights.

We are inviting everybody to join in to the cosmic given events to create a synchronized global sound field of cosmic tuned music.

It shall transform our consciousness field into the natural cosmic frequency.

Konstantin Jagoulis, 23rd of December 2014.
Icosmo software developer, gong master, producer and artist.